Excel at FBB Femina Miss India 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020  Powered by Neutrogena  Auditions to be conducted in the following cities: Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Chennai, Guwahati, Indore, Lucknow, Shimla, Dehradun and Regional Auditions to be conducted in Delhi ,Chandigarh, Pune, City Pageants: BANGALORE (Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore), KOLKATA (Ranchi, Patna and Guwahati)  and MUMBAI (Final round of Auditions).

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  This seems like a given, but I am always amazed at the number of contestants who show up completely unprepared! A basketball player would never go into a game without having worked on all the aspects of the game . . . the same should be true for pageants. If you expect to do well in swimsuit competition, you MUST be in good shape. That does NOT mean you have to starve yourself and be thin as a rail, but you do need to be proportioned and well toned. The ONLY way to achieve that is to EXERCISE and EAT RIGHT!! There is no magic that will do this for you. Practice speaking in front of people whenever possible, have  friends/family ask you questions on a weekly basis about your ideas, opinions, current events, whatever you can think of. VIDEOTAPE these sessions whenever possible. Try to see yourself in the way the judges might see you, and be TOUGH!! Have others view the tape and ask them to be totally honest in their appraisal. The way that you walk and stand speaks loads about how you feel about yourself!! Poor posture shows a lack of confidence, a heavy or clumsy walk says that you don’t really care how you look, an overdone walk shows lack of poise, and a stiff walk shows insecurity. If you have never walked in heels, START!!

    The Tiara specializes in preparing you for your time in the spotlight. Pageant Coach Ritika Ramtri teaches young aspirants to win! Complete with never-before-shared insights on pageant walking, interviewing, and performing. Our coaching has helped many past Miss India, Mr. India, Mrs. India, and Megamodel winners!! What we offer young women and men goes far beyond pageantry. We become their friend, mentor, role-model, and biggest supporter. We do not try to force young people into a particular ‘pageant mold,’ instead we endeavor to discover what is unique about them and help them learn how to let it shine through on stage and in interview.

     The Tiara is a one-stop shop for training solutions. A decade of training individuals, pageant contestants and business houses, has helped us hone our skills and present a well balanced and integrated training package. We specialize in corporate and one-on-one individual training. You’ll get personal attention and experience by training at The Tiara with Ritika Ramtri.

The Tiara,

Tel: +919823156193 /+919860363403



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