How to Use Visualization to Achieve Your Pageant Goals at Miss Diva 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020  and FBB  Femina Miss India /2016/2017/2018/2019/2020



The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in the mind.”

Henry David Thoreau

The first and biggest obstacle to overcome to win the crown, and achieve any goal or desire you set for yourself in life, is to have the full faith and belief that this is something that you can and WILL achieve. Using certain mental conditioning techniques, such as visualization and affirmation, will help build this conviction within your mind.

Everything that we see in the world around us started as an idea or a thought. Possibilities are only limited to our thinking. Through visualization and imagination, the impossible becomes possible. The power is in our minds and the possibilities are endless. The first step to the process of visualization is to find a quiet place. Clear and quiet your mind and then let your imagination go to work. Try to take five to ten minutes per day to envision yourself winning the crown and being the titleholder. Think about how you will feel, what you will see and how it will affect those around you. Make it as real as you can.

Thought + Emotion = Attraction

When you think about your desire to win, and then back up these thoughts with the real emotions you would experience when you win, there is a better chance you will experience your desired end result.

Everything in life is made up of energy. You want to attract the energy of being a titleholder, so the more you visualize yourself as the winner as a reality and feel it as reality, the more it will be attracted to you! Think it. See it. Feel it. Do it!

    Training hard is essential to ensuring that you win your next beauty pageant. You will need to practice your public speaking skills, your specific talent, your walk, modeling stance, as well as work on your smile, hair and makeup. It is a good idea to study videotapes of previous winners of the beauty pageants that you are competing in. This is a great way to see what qualities the judges are looking for in a winner. At The Tiara we help you train hard, smoothen rough edges and make you a competitor and contestant who shines and makes her way through the different stages of pageant competition with utmost ease.

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