Modeling and Pageantry Workshop for Ponds Femina Miss India Goa, Pune, Indore, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi and Kolkata 2014




The Tiara Professional Pageantry and Modeling Program is a training program encompassing all major phases of pageantry. Each session is limited to 12 students, allowing excellent individual attention. The goal of this is to prepare new models and pageant aspirants. The skills obtained though the Tiara Pageantry and Modeling Program will equip a student for life. Students will gain the confidence and composure to handle life’s challenges and meet the entertainment world with a fresh bold attitude and a positive self-assurance and professionalism.


About The Pageantry and Model Workshop for Ponds Femina Miss India Goa, Pune, Indore, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi and Kolkata 2014  


Pageant and Model Coach Ritika Ramtri knows how important it is for people of today to be aware of their deportment and appearance. Both novice and experienced models have benefited from Ritika’s experience and knowledge. From the high-powered fashion scene to commercial and character models as well as those aiming to achieve within the many beauty pageant competitions she has helped many to lay the foundations of a new path. She has also experience in training top professionals and career people, helping them to have the confidence to address conferences and board meetings and make television appearances.


 20 Winners in 14 Years!

  1.  Winner of Young Turk 1998 Sandip Soparrkar , Ace Choreographer, Ballroom dance teacher,
  2.  Femina Miss India Earth 2002 Gauhar Khan,
  3.  Femina Miss India Universe 2005 Amrita Thapar
  4.  Femina Miss India World 2009 Pooja Chopra, 
  5. Gladrags Megamodel 2009 and Femina Miss India East 2011 and Bollywood Diva 2011 Ankita Mohapatra 
  6. Mr. India Earth 2009, Mann Sukhija 
  7. Miss India Intercontinental  2009 Sonia Jain
  8.  Femina Miss India International 2010 Neha Hinge
  9. Gladrags Megamodel 2010 Arshina Trivedi
  10. Femina Miss India South 2011 Shweta Dolli
  11. Gladrags Manhunt 2011 First Runner Up Maitraya Kotecha
  12. Miss Tourism Queen International of the year 2011 Urvashi Rautela
  13. Miss India Worldwide 2011 1st Runner Up Anvita Sudarshan
  14. Femina Style Diva 2011 Dipna Patel
  15. Femina Miss India Earth 2012 Prachi
  16. Mrs. India International 2012, 1st Runners Up Reet Sahu
  17. I am She Miss Universe India 2012 Urvashi Rautela
  18. I am She Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 Dipna Patel
  19. Mrs India Worldwide 2nd Runner Up Sareeka Sapra
  20. Gladrags South Mrs. India 2012 2nd Runner Up Gunjan Tyagi


The Tiara,

Tel: +919823156193


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