The Tiara Personality Development and Spoken English Program, Pune



As one’s image is said to be their power, those who make good impressions seem to carry more credibility than those who don’t. Image helps build our credibility and our reputation. There are two ways to enhance one’s image. First is to build one’s image from the outside starting with all the image tangibles – the “outside” that people can notice about us. This includes personal grooming, hairstyle, style of clothing, accessories, visual poise and deportment, body language, gestures of confidence, making effective presentations, language skills, socializing skills, business and social etiquette and protocol. Secondly, it can be build from the inside-out through developing one’s own self-confidence and self-esteem, empowering oneself with a positive attitude. Investing in our image is today no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Enhancing our image will enable us to communicate more effectively through our image tangibles to project a winning identity. Image Consultant, Nalini Ramtri who has trained many Miss India and Manhunt finalists helps you achieve all this.

C/o The Tiara,


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